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Facebook app generates nearly a million installs in just over a week

Andrew Irvine

While experimenting with creating their second Facebook app, Andrew Irvine of CU Marketing Ltd created Influential Albums. The app going globally viral in just over a week has come as a complete surprise to him.

Andrew said: “I made up a list of 100 albums and created an app where people can say which of them they own. The quiz title is ‘100 Influential Albums – Very few people own 70 or more. How many have you got?’

The list is made up of some of my favourite albums and a few others picked up from various lists on the internet. The only relevant website domain name I could find was, so I just went with it.

I’m no expert when it comes to music. For me, the whole point of doing this was to learn more about Facebook apps. I had no idea it would annoy music buffs so much that they would write blogs about it and post their comments about it on hundreds of music forums. Some of the comments have been very amusing for us, there was one that said the development must have taken some ‘big marketing bucks’ and a couple of people said that the app ‘must have been created by the director of HMV to clear some old albums’. Little did they know, the total ‘marketing bucks’ spent was £8.14 and that it was just me improving my knowledge on developing Facebook apps.

I’d love to get it to a million now, so I’ve started adding new features and letting people suggest their own albums for inclusion. Hopefully that will appease the music experts who weren’t impressed with my choice of music. I think it’s turning into a good place for people to find out about music that they've not heard. It has definitely educated me on some interesting albums I hadn’t heard of before. For me, the best things about doing this are that I’ve been tweeted about by the singer of The Wedding Present and been mentioned on the official Facebook page of legendary krautrock band, Can.”

At time of writing, the app has been shown on Facebook over 72 million times, 711,877 people have installed it and 355,991 have shared their results. The website has at least 598 other websites linking to it and has had 1.49 million unique visitors so far. It has been picked up by some unexpected people in the media as well. Bristol Community FM did the quiz with a local up and coming band ‘An Axe’ on 2nd February 2013. It has even been covered in a blog by Dan Weiss on the Village Voice (New York alternative newsweekly which has won 3 Pulitzer prizes and various other awards).