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Lerwick BID development processes adopted as national standard

A collaborative business project in Lerwick has been adopted as the national standard for other areas to follow when developing BID (Business Improvement District) plans in Scotland.

The Proposal for the Lerwick town centre BID is to be used by BIDs Scotland as their good practice guide.

Ian Davison Porter, Director of BIDs Scotland said the team behind the Lerwick bid have done a great job: “Our thanks to Christena Irvine (Project Manager) and Harry Jamieson (Chair) at Living Lerwick and Shetlands Islands Council who gave such dedicated and enthusiastic support to develop this BID Proposal and for allowing us to put the BID Proposal on the BIDs Scotland website.”

Living Lerwick Ltd. - the company formed to lead the development of Lerwick’s BID - is getting off to a great start already, with the company Directors busy defining the first three projects: customer care courses, a winter festival and a competition for the October school holidays.

Living Lerwick Ltd. now has a fully constituted Management Board, responsible for ensuring that the company achieves the objectives in its business plan. The operational start date of the BID is 1st September 2012.

The business plan is available from Like any business plan, it is a working document, which means that the Directors can adapt projects to suit any changes in circumstances during the five year life of the BID. The purpose of Living Lerwick Ltd. is to serve businesses in the area by achieving as much benefit as possible for the town centre, using the money the businesses have themselves invested.

Harry Jamieson, Chairman of Living Lerwick Ltd said: “I’m really happy we are getting off to such a great start. These are exciting times for Lerwick Town Centre. Things are moving fast and we’ve got an enthusiastic team of Directors to make it all happen.”

Councillor Allan Wishart added: ‘The Lerwick BID is a brilliant example of what can be achieved when business get together to share expertise and work for the common benefit of everyone who lives in or visits the town. It’s a real credit to everyone involved that the project is now being used a best practice model for other areas in Scotland to follow when developing their BID proposals.’